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Herrera by Carolina Herrera is a refreshing cologne for men. Fresh citrus blends with tobacco, musk and amber to create the perfect casual scent that adds a touch of interest to your everyday activities. Introduced in 1991, Herrera can help you discover your inner confidence. Splash it onto your skin before you head out of the house for an informal lunch or a low-key get-together with friends and family and enjoy a lasting burst of freshness.
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Bring out your inner romantic with Herrera by Carolina Herrera. This delightfully feminine fragrance for women blends scents of vetiver with rosewood, orange blossom, sandalwood, honeysuckle and jasmine. Introduced in 1988, Herrera lets you explore the passion inside and brings a touch of excitement to your next romantic encounter. Spritz it onto your skin before you leave for the night and enjoy the way it brings a sparkle to your eye and a spring to your step.
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