Benetton Perfume & Cologne

Benetton Perfume & Cologne
The Benetton design house originated in 1965 as a collaborative effort between three brothers and one sister of the Benetton family. Luciano Benetton, the oldest brother of the family, is credited with the first steps in organizing the Benetton Group when he began making and selling colorful sweaters to satisfy what he believed to be a market demand in Italy at the time. Following the success of the initial sweater line, his siblings joined him in the venture, forming the Benetton Group.

After establishing its first store in 1966 in Belluno, Italy, the Benetton Group expanded to Paris in 1969 and to the rest of the world in the 1970s, eventually constructing establishments in 120 countries. As it was in its inception, the Benetton brand is known today for its affection of color. While this is evident in a multitude of Benetton clothing lines, this bold philosophy also extends to advertising, where Benetton is famous for the juxtaposition of its brand name and social/political commentary. This is noticeable in the ""United Colors"" marketing campaign, which features a variety of topics ranging from AIDS to global conflicts. The ""Unhate"" advertising, started in 2011, is known for depicting world leaders in intimate situations.

In 1987, the Benetton Group expanded its influence into the perfume industry with its introduction of Colors de Benetton for men and women. Perfumes for adults and children are offered by Benetton and its collaborators such as Valerie Garnuch-Mentzel, Alexandra Kosinski and Alain Astori.
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