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Since its introduction in 1992, Alyssa Ashley Musk from Alyssa Ashley has provided women with a lovely fragrance that is perfect for that romantic occasion. With its mix of scents from greens, musk and soft, powdery flowers, this perfume is just what you need to complement your outfit for a date with that special someone. Its scent is even subtle enough to be worn around your home for your next candlelit dinner for two. It's a fabulous perfume that is sure to add romance to your life.
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Alyssa Ashley Musk

Eau De Toilette

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Alyssa Ashley Musk

Perfume Oil

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Alyssa Ashley Musk

Body Lotion

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Alyssa Ashley Musk

Shower Gel

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Alyssa Ashley Musk


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Alyssa Ashley Musk

Body Cream

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