Air Val International Perfume & Cologne

Air Val International Perfume & Cologne

If there's any name that's synonymous with children's fragrances, it's perfume and cosmetics manufacturer Air-Val International. As Walt Disney's largest partner in the perfume design space, the company produces more than 200 different fragrances.

Founded in 1979, the brand calls Barcelona, Spain, its home. With the 1981 release of its Lady Minnie and Dandy Mickey scents for girls and boys, respectively, Air-Val International became one of the first companies to delve into the niche segment of kids' fragrances and helped to establish the segment as a viable market. While maintaining its license with Walt Disney for over 25 years, the company has expanded its portfolio of licenses to other companies, such as Mattel, Marvel and Nickelodeon, and is now involved in producing fragrances for more mature demographics.

In a manner similar to its work in the children's fragrances, Air-Val International's adult division works with established brands to create and distribute signature perfumes and cosmetics. The company's high-profile partnerships in the adult sector include Beverly Hills Polo Club, the National Basketball Association, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Aside from producing themed fragrances for well-known companies, Air-Val International also offers its unique expertise in creating customized personal care products to less-established clients. In 2013, it started Tailored Perfumes, a venture that gives smaller fashion brands access to bespoke design and go-to-market services that would otherwise be difficult or too cost-restrictive to secure.

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