Adrienne Vittadini Fragrances

Adrienne Vittadini Fragrances

Born in 1945 in Hungary, Adrienne Vittadini fled her country during the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. Destined to have a glorious career, she studied fine arts in the United States and worked with fashion designer and artist Louis Feraud in Paris and designer Emilio Pucci in Italy before starting her own fashion business in New York in 1979.

Her multimillion-dollar fashion empire started with the underestimated, unassuming knitwear into which she injected new life. Making it clear that knitwear meant more than just sweaters, she created new knit fabrics enhanced with vibrant prints, colors and textures. While Adrienne Vittadini gave life to her creations with an artist's eye, she retained the common sense of a woman designing wearable pieces for other women. A mix of European style and American practicality is said to be her defining note.

In 1994, Adrienne Vittadini entered the world of perfume with her AV fragrance, a scent that has the same elegant, wearable qualities as her fashion line. Along with other fragrances such as Adrienne Vittadini, Venezia, Capri and Amore, her perfume line was designed in collaboration with Elizabeth Arden and perfumers Annie Buzantian and Firmenich.

While the Adrienne Vittadini brand encompasses not only clothing, but also accessories, home furnishings, decorative fabrics and wall coverings, knitwear is Adrienne Vittadini's defining mark. As in her clothing line, you can sense in her perfumes the common ground between her love for comfort and sophistication.

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