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Trussardi Delicate Rose Reviews

As delicate as a freshly picked flower, Trussardi Delicate Rose is a light and airy women's fragrance that surrounds you in feelings of softness and comfort without overwhelming the senses. Its Oriental appeal is derived from extracts of bamboo and yuzu, while its slight citrus appeal comes from kumquats. Presented against a soothing background of rose and jasmine, these scents provide a balanced aroma that makes this 2012 Trussardi fragrance popular for work, school and play.

Review of Trussardi Delicate Rose

I was looking to try some new perfumes so I bought a vial of Trussardi Delicate Rose. I really like the scent, its light and flowery. I was disappointed that my vial was not full. I have migraines and cannot wear anything strong or it will give me a headache. This is a nice, delicate scent.

Written by sakredbeauty on 12/25/2013

  • Scent Classifcation Flowery
  • Recommended Use Casual
  • Recommended Age Mature
  • Scent Strength Subtle
  • Scent Age 1-5 Hours

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