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Jacomo Silver Reviews

The best men's colognes exude masculinity, sophistication, and sensitivity, and Jacomo Silver is without a doubt one of them. Created by the Jacomo design house, this fragrance features a wonderful blend of patchouli and sandalwood. A hint of citrus and crisp greens sharpens the scent and enhances the aura of freshness. Lauded for its ability to last the entire day, Jacomo Silver is recommended for casual, everyday use. This great cologne was first introduced in 2007.

Review of Jacomo Silver

Jacomo for Men (Jacomo Silver) is a really unique spicy masculine scent. It is sharp, with notes of: pepper, pimento, vetiver, tonka bean along with some dried fruit (plum & pineapple) in the beginning. Minimal sweetness makes it stand out from most of the current mass market designer these days. Refined, complex and mature for sure, but does not smell like an old man. Excellent longevity too. To me, this scent evokes confidence and power, especially early on. It also smells expensive and classy. It is for those who want to smell like a man and not a fresh fruit salad. I consider this best for evenings, cold weather and at least semi-formal attire. No more than 1-2 sprays, it is powerful. If you spray lightly, I can see this being worn during the daytime. It is original and a superb deal. This one has it all.

Written by jc on 09/16/2014

  • Scent Classifcation Woods
  • Recommended Use Elegant
  • Recommended Age Mature
  • Scent Strength Moderate
  • Scent Age 6-10 Hours

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