Yardley Fragrances

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Yardley Fragrances

Yardley was established in 1770 in London. The company got its start as a soap manufacturer. Over the decades it began making other fine toiletries, received royal warrants, and expanded to the international market. Yardley was one of the quintessential brands of Victorian England in the 1800s, and it was just as famous in the swinging 1960s, when it was able to appeal to youth culture (with model Twiggy as the brand’s face!) as well as to traditionalists. The Yardley brand has proven to be timeless, emphasizing heritage instead of trends.

Although Yardley has been owned or managed by various parent companies over time, the house has maintained its identity of English lineage and consistent high quality. Its signature scent, now as in its early years, is English Lavender: a specific species of this ancient plant is the basis of Yardley’s core product range. Yardley also offers women’s scents in classic florals that evoke English gardens, including April Violets, Lily of the Valley, and Peony; the brand’s masculine fragrances, like Citrus & Wood, are also nature-inspired. Many of Yardley’s fragrances can be layered with matching scented body products such as lotions, dusting powders, and—-in keeping with tradition—-soaps.

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