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Five Star Fragrances

Five Star Fragrances was founded in 1997 by Jeffery Dame as a maker of high-quality fragrances. This design house released colognes and perfumes such as Royal Secret Cologne and Royal Secret II Perfume, which were both launched in 1999. Quality King Fragrances, a subsidiary of Perfumania Holdings, owns Five Star Fragrances as of 2016.

Quality King Fragrances distributes its products, including Five Star Fragrances, to retail stores, drugstores and other retail chains across the United States, including Sears, Kohl's, Walmart and Ross. As of 2016, Quality King Fragrances distributes cologne and perfume from the brands that it owns to more than 10,000 specialty stores and pharmacies.

Over the years, Five Star Fragrances has produced several top-selling fragrances and memorable brands, including fragrances from Michael Jordan, Snookie and Tommy Bahama. Other lines that fall under the Five Star Fragrances brand include XOXO, Realm and League Baseball Clubs. A number of these fragrances are still sold under the Quality King Fragrances umbrella.

Five Star Fragrances' parent company, Perfumania Holdings, operates in two segments; one deals with wholesale distribution, and the other manages specialty sales of fragrances. This puts Five Star Fragrances under the same umbrella as other specialty fragrances from celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Jay-Z and Jessica Simpson.

Beyond fragrances, Five Star Fragrances manufactures bath and body products through its Jerome Privee line. Some of the products in this line include bath soaps, lotions and bath oils.

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