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Customer Reviews

Does not smell like the regular SI EDP. This is a dark fruity, pear, vanilla, sweet, succulent scent. Reminds me of FOREVER RED from bath and bodyworks and I used to be obsessed with that perfume/lotion line. This took me back in time! It's perfect for date night, all seasons, get loads of compliments, moderate lasting. This gives me valentines day vibes, very sexy and men love it.

Written by Anonymous on February 02, 2019

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I'm so glad FragranceNet got this beautiful and elegant fragrance in finally. This fragrance is a Christmas gift to myself. The top notes that I smell are the pink pepper, jasmine, and hints of vanilla! I don't really smell a woodsy notes but when it dries down it gets more floral and you pick up the pear and black current. I love it!

Written by Jalasmile on December 21, 2018

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