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Serge Lutens Five O' Clock Au Gingembre is an attractive men's cologne that is ideal for any man who wants to smell his best. The scent was introduced in 2010 by Serge Lutens as a moderate fragrance that will last through the entire day, making sure you make an impression at the office or when you're out on a date. The casual cologne is perfect for special occasions or daily errands, since it won't be overwhelming to others.

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Customer Reviews

Serge Lutens Gingembre was a blind buy, and I’m thrilled. I was testing several frags and kept coming back to it wondering what smelled so good! It’s a sweet, spicy ginger that replaces the citrus in a traditional men’s cologne structure. When the opening sweetenes fades it’s left warm and inviting. 9/10

Written by StaleBreadMan on May 12, 2018

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