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Get the light scent of a bright summer day with Green Tea Summer, introduced in 2005 by Elizabeth Arden. Top notes of amber and lemon come across in this women's perfume before the middle and base notes of tangerine, rose, bergamot, and moss hit your nose. The notes mingle to create a refreshing daytime scent that will remind you of the perfect summer day all year round. Wear the scent at work or while playing with your kids.

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Customer Reviews

Aw yeah,summertime is here at last!!! I found the Green Tea Summer scent very clean and so refreshing. I like anything made by Elizabeth Arden so this is about the best purchase I've ever made. Highly recommended.

Written by Anonymous on July 11, 2019

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Highly recommended. It's fresh, fruity and mild. I've been a fan of Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea for years. This is a great alternative to it. It didn't trigger my seasonal allerigies which is super. *This can be used by women of all ages.

Written by Happy on April 06, 2017

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