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BALR. is an international lifestyle brand inspired by the luxury lifestyle of a professional ball player. The Amsterdam-based brand stands out through special collaborations with many top brands. The BALR. products can be recognized by the sophisticated designs, strong lines and the iconic incorporation of the soccer ball inspired hexagon shape - inspiring you to take it to the next level


balr. 1 for men


BALR. MEN 1! This hexagon shaped perfume is a soft, woody, sweet scent - perfect for every man, every day. Looking for a rather aromatic or spicy perfume instead? Check out BALR. MEN 2 and MEN 3!

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Need a break from reality to reflect on your goals? Discover Reflect! This aquatic, instantly fresh fragrance for men is the newest launch within the Hexagon perfumes collection.

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balr. reflect
balr. 1 for women


Get to experience the luxury lifestyle with the BALR. fragrances - empowering you throughout the day like a true girl boss. Start off with the florally sweet BALR. WOMEN 1, get active with WOMEN 2 or stand out throughout the night with WOMEN 3.

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