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Adrien Arpel is a pioneer and world leader in high-quality skincare. She is the CEO and president of Adrien Arpel Inc., which operates 500 salons throughout Canada and the United States. She was born on July 15, 1941, in Jersey City, N.J. She launched a skincare business in 1959 the same year she graduated high school with $400 that she earned from babysitting. This quickly led to the founding of Adrien Arpel Inc. in 1962, with the company's skincare products soon being sold in the finest beauty spas in Europe. In 1968, she expanded her market into department store beauty salons throughout the United States. She was the first to provide affordable facials, which established her skincare brand as a leader in the industry. Her product line was launched in Bloomingdale's cosmetic department in the mid-1970s, where she pushed her philosophy for the customer to try her products before buying them. To help facilitate this idea, she is often credited with inventing the concept of in-store makeovers. As of 2014, her products which include makeup, skincare treatments, creams, and fragrances are all sold in mall kiosks and through Color Me Beautiful direct sales consultants. Arpel has gone on to write several beauty books, and has been honored with a number of industry awards. In 1987, Bloomingdale's recognized her as a legend in the cosmetics industry.
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