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Vetiver Dana Reviews

Review of Vetiver Dana

Yes, I am a vetiver collector. I'm hooked. While this is not a classic like vetivers from Carven or Etro or Roger&Gallet, this (Dana's) version has its uses. To my nose, this has a 'soapy' finish which is not unpleasant. Frankly, I spray my car's sheepskin seat covers with a shot of this, same for my clean underwear and T-shirt drawers and folded sun-dried towels and sheets... try it! (P.S.: FragranceNet is THE place to buy, for price, selection and fast shipping.)

Written by Elegant Gent on 04/27/2010

  • Scent Classifcation Woods
  • Recommended Age Perfect For Anyone
  • Scent Strength Moderate
  • Scent Age 1-5 Hours

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