A Summary Of Eu Privacy Rights

This Summary of EU Privacy Rights applies solely to residents of the EU and is a part of the Company’s Privacy Policy. This Summary lists the rights EU residents have under the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), which takes effect May 25, 2018, and the steps the Company takes to protect those rights.

Legal right What the Company does to protect your rights
The right to be informed The Company is publishing its Privacy Policy, inclusive of this Summary, to keep you informed as to what we do with your personal information. We strive to be transparent about how we use your data. The right to access You have the right to access and review your information.
The right to rectification If the information the Company holds about you is inaccurate or not complete, you have the right to ask us to rectify it. If that data has been passed to a third party with your consent or for legal reasons, then we must also ask them to rectify the data.
The right to erasure This is sometimes called “the right to be forgotten.” If you want us to erase all your personal data, we will do so unless we have a legal reason to continue to process and hold it. The right to restrict processing You have the right to ask us to restrict how we process your data. This means we are permitted to store the data but not further process it. We may need to keep some data to make sure we respect your request in the future.
The right to data portability The Company must allow you to obtain and reuse your personal data for your own purposes across Services in a safe and secure way without this affecting the usability of your data. This right to port your data, however, only applies to personal data that you have provided to us -- the data must be held by us by consent or for the performance of a contract.
The right to object You have the right to object to our processing of your data even if it is based on our legitimate business interests, the exercise of official authority, direct marketing (including data aggregation), and processing for the purpose of statistics. The right to withdraw consent If you have given the Company your consent to process your data but change your mind later, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time, and we must stop processing your data.
The right to complain to a Supervisory Authority You have the right to complain to a data protection or other appropriate supervisory authority (“DPA”) if you feel that the Company has not responded to your requests to solve a problem. You can find a list of DPAs at: https://www.dataprotection.ie/docs/Home/4.htm
How to exercise your rights If you want to exercise any of your rights summarized herein, please contact us as at: dpo@fragrancenet.com.