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Embodying the true essence of an unforgettable woman, Mona Lisa from Eclectic Collections features a memorable blend of such aromatic fragrances as mandarin, apple, passion fruit, and watermelon. Delicate hints of patchouli and tuberose mingle together to form a fragrance that is just as timeless as the woman who wears it. Introduced in 2010, Mona Lisa is a delicate fragrance that is perfect for enjoying a romantic evening.
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This a nice fragrance..It has an unusual scent and is always a nice change from my heavier scents. Great for warmer weather. I also get a kick out of the name because I'm a middle school art teacher. What could be a nicer tribute than wearing Mona Lisa.

Written by Susan on March 04, 2014

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1 - 1 (of 1 Reviews)