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Wilshire Fragrance was established in 1994 by Peter Klamka, a University of Michigan graduate. Klamka quit his job at an investment bank in Manhattan, New York City, to launch his Ann Arbor-based company. In 1994, Wilshire Fragrances introduced its Campus Collection line of 48 men’s colognes, each one dedicated to a college in the United States. The colognes were sold in 2-ounce bottles at college campus stores and some department stores, including JC Penney, Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s.

Each Campus Collection cologne was designed to capture the distinctive character of the school it represented. Some colognes in the collection included Gator, Wolverine, Seminole, Hoya and Rattler. Gator was associated with the University of Florida, while Wolverine represented the University of Michigan. The Seminole fragrance contained masculine notes, such as musk, cedarwood and sandalwood.

In 1995, the New York-based Fragrance Foundation nominated Klamka for a FiFi award, which was ultimately won by Donna Karan. In the same year, Klamka's company launched LIVE and NASCAR fragrance lines. The NASCAR cologne had a strong masculine scent and was targeted to fans of car racing. The cologne bottle was emblazoned with the NASCAR logo.

Klamka hired Anna Nicole Smith to help market LIVE, a unisex fragrance for ladies ages 14 to 30. The fragrance notes included mandarin, jasmine, lavender, spearmint and nutmeg. LIVE was sold at the outlet stores of a record-chain company called Camelot. Klamka served as the chief executive officer of Wilshire Fragrance from 1994 to 1996.

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