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Whether you are a Brandon or a Dylan, you will appreciate the scent of Beverly Hills 90210 cologne, released in 1992. This Spelling Enterprise cologne for men uses ingredients that recreate the feel of the hit television show. Spicy notes are perfect for your inner rebel, while the woodsy notes will appeal to the outdoorsman in you. The romantic scent will stick with you as you play and frolic on the beach and head out for lunch with that special lady.
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Reveal your youthful and vibrant personality with the Beverly Hills 90210 fragrance for women, created by Spelling Enterprise. Featuring a floral bouquet that incorporates citrus notes, this fragrance is a great choice for the young and modern woman. Its light scent makes it suitable for daytime wear, so dab some on your wrists, neck, and other pulse points for an enhanced effect. The perfume was first introduced in 1992 and comes in a round-shaped bottle.
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