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Songo Perfume

Songo is best known as the manufacturer of Jade East, a nostalgic men’s fragrance that brings back memories for many of its original wearers while it continues to attract new fans. of Jade East was one of the icon men’s scents of the 1960s and 1970s, along with Brut and English Leather. It was introduced in late 1963 by Swank, Inc., an American manufacturer of affordable men’s jewelry, cuff links, and other accessories. Its name was inspired by the jade rings that were a best-seller for Swank, and it originally sold for $4.50 per bottle.

Jade East was one of first men’s fragrances promoted with television commercials. These commercials, as well as the advertisements placed in men’s magazines, featured images of Asian women in exotic settings. The fragrance’s label design also reflected its Oriental influence. Jade East sold so well that other fragrance companies were soon inspired to add Asian-themed men’s colognes to their offerings.

In the late 1960s, Swank added women’s fragrances like Jade East Coral and Jade East Golden Lime to its line. Jade East is now manufactured by Regency Cosmetics, a division of Knight Distributing Company based in Georgia. A musk-centered version of Jade East and a feminine fragrance named Forever Jade (created in 2009) are also available.

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