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Soir De Paris Perfume

Soir de Paris, introduced to the public in 1928, was the second perfume ever created by Bourjois, a cosmetics company in Paris. Alexandre Napoleon Bourjois and actor Joseph-Albert Ponsin launched the company in 1863 after they created the first powder blush, due to dissatisfaction with the oily makeup typically worn by actors in that time period.

Bourjois launched its first perfume Mon Bourjois in 1924, but Soir de Paris became the company's biggest perfume success. Ernest Beaux created the floral-scented perfume, consisting mostly of violets and bergamot, with hints of lilac and jasmine. Sold primarily in cobalt blue glass, Soir de Paris was sold as a perfume, eau de toilette and eau de cologne. Customers could also catch a whiff of the popular scent in face powder, soap, hand lotion and bath cubes.

The popular fragrance continued to thrive past the roaring 20s. After World War II, it was packaged with the proclamation: "This is a temporary Victory package. The contents are unchanged." In 1950s, Soir de Paris, which translates as Evening in Paris, was considered by many as the most popular fragrance in the world. However, by 1969 the once famous perfume fell out of favor with consumers, completely disappearing from American markets.

Bought by the Wertheimer family, Bourjois is now in control of Chanel, a company also owned by the family as of 2016. Chanel reformulated and relaunched Soir de Paris in 1992 as a sweet, wood-based fragrance.

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