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In 2009, Shiseido introduced Shiseido Zen for Men, a new cologne that translates the classic style of the Zen collection into a scent with a more masculine appeal. Top notes of bergamot and orange hit the nose first and last throughout the drydown. These classic scents are supported by middle notes of violet and nutmeg on top of masculine base notes that include leather and patchouli. The long life of this casual cologne allows you to wear it from your first early-morning office meeting through to a late-night dinner with friends.
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Feel elegant and fragrant when you go out with this Shiseido Zen (New) perfume by Shiseido for women. The 2007 perfume has notes that range from red apple to white musk, making it unique and intriguing to anyone who smells it. The mature scent is ideal for women who like wearing a casual fragrance to work.
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Shiseido Zen (New)

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