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Rebel is a women's eau de toilette by Saile International that is perfect for those who like to feel refreshed. Introduced in 2001, it has a soft, refreshing scent that features water flowers as the main note. This charming perfume has an understated smell that is sure to draw attention without being overbearing. The casual scent is ideal for anyone looking to update her collection and add a floral scent.
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I love this perfume. I got it for Christmas just this year and I like it. The only thing I don't like about it is to me it smells a little bit like men's cologne. So it can be not just for women but men to. But it still has that girly flowery scent to it as well. (It's James Dean. The rebel and actor from the 50's. Don't expect pink and girly.) So a little bit of the both. I love the packaging design. I think all James Dean fans should have this perfume. The price is amazing. Get it.

Written by Emily on January 15, 2013

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1 - 1 (of 1 Reviews)