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Calamity J is a bold fragrance that combines top notes of cinnamon and iris with middle notes of iso e super and cetalox. These elegant notes sit atop a lovely vanilla absolute base note that allows the fragrance to flourish into a spicy yet feminine bouquet. Calamity J, created in 2009, is not for the faint of heart. Be warned that those around you will quickly notice the powerful expression you've chosen. Feel comfortable wearing this fragrance during any day or night time engagement.
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Calamity J

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Review of Juliette Has a Gun - Calamity J This is a 5-star, sexy, sultry, bad girl fragrance. If you like amber with a little bit of patchouli and a warm vanilla-ish dry-down, this is for you. Ambers and I, a never ending story of love, infatuation and desire. There are few and far between ambers I do not like. The reason why I was able to think I don’t like it in the beginning, is that the top notes of patchouli are quite harsh and totally stern, stark and un-sweet. But not for long. Calamity J develops into something furry, soft, cuddly and purring, but sitting on a leather couch, maybe even wearing leather boots, gun holstered, but ready to pounce at any minute. Calamity J smells like Danger on its lunch break. Calamity J is my s

Written by MissKezz on December 04, 2013

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1 - 1 (of 1 Reviews)