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Samba Ice is a sweet woodsy fragrance for the modern woman who enjoys a relaxing evening outing. This excellent perfume was composed by the Perfumers Workshop design house. Samba Ice blends together sandalwood, jasmine, tea rose, and amber notes into an exquisite feminine scent that is recommended for evening use. Despite the barrage of factors like hormones and stress levels that affect the natural smell of the female skin, it is very important for women to smell great, and this exquisite fragrance, introduced in 2000, will help you achieve this.
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In 2002, the design house Perfumers Workshop introduced the men's cologne Samba Ice, which blends green and natural notes for a fresh, clean fragrance. This casual, refreshing scent is great for everyday use. You'll feel energized whenever you spray it on in the morning before heading out to start your day or as a way to freshen up after your daily workout. The light scent is subtle but will continue on for several hours after application.
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