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Parfums International Perfume

An offshoot of the Elizabeth Arden company, Parfums International was created when Unilever bought Elizabeth Arden in 1989 and split its fragrance lines into two separate companies.

Elizabeth Arden was born in Canada in 1898, and traveled to Paris, France, to learn beauty techniques in its salons. After opening her own salon on Fifth Avenue in New York in 1910, Arden created her first cosmetics line in 1915 and expanded into perfumes shortly thereafter. Arden is credited with popularizing the salon makeover concept and introducing eye makeup for everyday wear to American women. It had previously been worn only by entertainers.

One of Arden's first perfumes was Blue Grass, introduced in 1934. Known as "the first All-American scent," Blue Grass was named for the Kentucky horse racing Arden loved. Later she introduced perfumes such as Cyclamen and It's You, which were sold in Baccarat crystal flacons. Among the many fragrances the company produced over time were Elizabeth Taylor's Passion, in 1988, and her follow up, White Diamonds. It also produced perfumes for Nino Cerruti, Valentino, Karl Lagerfeld and Chloe.

After Arden's death in 1966, her company was sold first to Eli Lilly, then to Faberge and finally to Unilever. In 2000, Unilever sold off the Elizabeth Arden brand, and with it, perfume brands such as Elizabeth Taylor and the signature Arden Red Door scent. Unilever retained the Cerruti, Valentino, Karl Lagerfeld and Chloe perfumes, which it manages under the Parfums International name.

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