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Treat yourself to the spicy scent of Image by Nino Cerruti, a seductive evening fragrance for mature women. Introduced in 2000, this perfume proves that newcomers to the fragrance world can deliver a scent comparable to the classics that have been around for hundreds of years. This wonderfully enticing fragrance combines grapefruit, amber, leather, leaves, birch bark, mint and cedar into a uniquely bold scent that will quickly become a favorite of confident women everywhere.
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Enjoy a touch of the great outdoors with Image by Nino Cerruti. This wonderful cologne for men uses a base of fresh fruit scents with lower notes of woods. Introduced in 1998, Image can inspire you to find your inner confidence while you explore your playful side, whether you are running errands or conducting an important meeting at work. Apply it to your skin before you leave the house in the morning and take advantage of the joy it brings to your day.
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