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Melfleurs Perfume

Melfleurs is a Paris-based fragrance producer and marketer. In the 1990s the company was active in creating such scents as Predator, Teasing, and Don Quichiotte for men and Donna Paola, Oriental Garden and Gotha for women. Melfleurs is currently best known as the manufacturer of Betty Boop fragrances and perfumed body products for women.

Betty Boop is an iconic animated character created in the 1930s for Fleischer Studio, an animated film production company owned by Max and Dave Fleischer. Betty Boop was designed by animator Grim Natwick, under Max Fleischer’s direction. Her big eyes, curvy figure, and short dresses were inspired by the flapper style of the 1920s, and her high-pitched voice was originally recorded by actress Mae Questel. Betty Boop appeared in a very popular series of over one hundred animated films throughout the 1930s. However, her coy, flirtatious image brought was censored by the Motion Picture Production Code in 1934, and her series was eventually discontinued in 1939.

However, Betty Boop’s popularity as a free-spirited (if fictional) girl has endured. her image remains the property of Fleischer Studios, and King Features is its worldwide licensing agent. Hundreds of licensees are authorized to produce Betty Boop merchandise. The original Betty Boop fragrance was launched in 1994. Recent additions to the collection include are Party Betty, Princess Betty, Sexy Betty and Angel Betty.

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