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In the 1980s, French fragrance designer Marc de la Morandiere started one of the first niche perfume companies in the world, creating luxury perfumes for an exclusive clientele. Despite his French roots, he is known to be inspired by Asian aesthetics. This is clearly represented by his two emblematic fragrances, Bleu De Chine and Genghis Khan, created in 1987 and 1989, respectively.

The design house offers an impressive line-up of fragrances that includes Thiara, Nuage D'eau, Kiyo, Kozmic Oud, M Pour Monsieur and MDM Black, as well as vintage offerings under the L'Original label that include the iconic Bleu De Chine, Gengis Khan and Sissi. The vintage scents all come in bottles that feature their original designs, as of 2013.

Perfume expert Serguey Borisov at Fragrantica speaks of the nostalgia factor inherent in the L'Original lines. In terms of fragrance, he describes the classic Gengis Khan fragrance from Marc de la Morandiere as a "sharp citrus-floral start on a woody-ambery base ... amber crossed with persistent and fresh dihydromyrcenol."

Marc de la Morandiere prides itself on offering the finest authentic luxury fragrances. It uses only the best ingredients blended by the world's most impressive craftsmen. These workers include the perfumers of Grasse and the glassmakers from the Bresle Valley who create the instantly recognizable iconic bottles for which Marc de la Morandiere is best known. The design house's future may well contain home fragrance and beauty offerings, according to its business plans.

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