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Arpege by Lanvin is an elegant men's cologne that was first introduced in 2005. It includes notes of vanilla, pink pepper, iris, tonka bean, jasmine, nectarine, Seville orange, sandalwood, neroli, and nutmeg. Its enticing blend of flowers, fruit, and spices make it the perfect companion for a daytime outing. Apply it first thing in the morning for a touch of appeal that will last throughout your day. Be memorable and remarkable with Arpege.
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Honeysuckle and jasmine create the perfect blend with vanilla, orange blossom, rose, and sandalwood in Arpege by Lanvin. This delicate and soft women's fragrance was introduced in 1927 and conveys a sense of elegance and beauty for daytime activities. The warm scents combine to create a fragrance that is equal parts feminine and confidence. Splash Arpege onto your skin in the morning before heading into the office and enjoy the instant surge of energy and femininity that will last the whole day.
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