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Kiton Fragrances

Ciro Paone and Antonio Carola launched Kiton in 1968 in Naples, Italy, though their company was known as CIPA when it was founded in 1956. The updated company name comes from a Greek ceremonial garment called a "chitone," which was described as a tunic by the Romans. As of 2015, the CEO and president of Kiton USA are nephews of original co-founder Ciro Paone. The motto of the company, translated from Italian, is "the best of the best plus one."

Kiton is known for its ready-to-wear suits, and it maintains two lines: the classic line and the CIPA line. The CIPA line has a unique concept of constructing suits out of vintage fabric from the '60s, but modifying them with modern and slim lines. Kiton made-to-measure suits are known as the world's most expensive suits, with the K-50 line retailing at up to $50,000 per unit. Kiton also makes dress shirts, silk neckties, sunglasses, jeans and fragrances. Designs for women premiered in 1995.

Kiton Red for men was the first fragrance launched by Kiton, and it debuted in 1996. The company later produced Donna for women in 1997. Napoli for men came out in 1998 and Kiton Black for men debuted in 2007. The fragrances are a brand of Estee Lauder, as of 2016.

Kiton opened a store in Milan in 2001, and a year later, opened a large flagship store and showroom in New York.

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