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Surround yourself with a fresh, natural scent with Catalyst from Halston. This light, refreshing fragrance for women brings together the scents of crisp leaves and fresh cut grass. Introduced in 1993, this undeniably feminine scent brings with it a sense of the great outdoors that will infuse your day with energy. Splash it on in the morning before you head to the office and enjoy a feeling of freshness that is sure to linger for the entire day.
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This unique Catalyst cologne for men is ideal for casual use around the house, when out with friends, or when spending a day at the office. Created by Halston and introduced in 1994, the fragrance is ideal for smelling great without being overwhelmed by strong notes. The scent includes notes of lavender, mint, spice, and citrus that make it perfect for many daytime situations. Simply apply the cologne and enjoy a fragrance that lasts through the day.
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