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While the design house of Alfred Dunhill is currently known for its high-end clothing, accessories, fragrances and jewelry, the company had a humble beginning and a simple mission: providing customers with a luxurious, accommodating shopping experience.

Following the introduction of the car by Karl Benz, Dunhill began offering accessories for automobiles in 1896, which he called "motorities." In 1902, Dunhill's business had grown, and he started selling clothes, headlights and goggles in his shop, targeting affluent individuals who could afford vehicles.

Dunhill displayed an ability to innovate when he created "Bobby Finders" in 1903, which are binocular glasses designed to help drivers spot policemen, and invented the dashboard clock in 1904.

Offering a luxurious shopping experience for men, Dunhill refers to its stores as "homes." As a customer enters the store, he's offered a glass of wine and enjoys a slow-paced, relaxed shopping experience. With access to a haircut at the on-site barbershop and a spa treatment, Dunhill makes sure every customer is treated like royalty.

In 1934, Dunhill released its first fragrance, Dunhill for men. Targeted toward the luxury consumer, this long-lasting fragrance has a sophisticated, old-school scent and features nutmeg and lavender top notes with leather and sandalwood base notes that develop for a woody aroma.

While Dunhill primarily focuses on men's products, the company launched a fragrance for women in 2001 called Desire, which combines green leaf, orange and caramel notes to create a floral, sweet aroma.

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