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David Yurman Fragrances
David Yurman, a famous jewelry designer, founded David Yurman Inc. in 1980. It's a family owned business with its headquarters in New York. Yurman started his career as a sculptor, and while backpacking through Europe in the 1960s, he further developed his talent, working with great sculptors such as Theodore Roszak and Hans Van de Bovenkamp. It was in Europe that he met his future wife, Sybil Kleinrock, and they have worked together since the 1970s towards turning David Yurman Inc. into a high-end jewelry house. The company went on to make jewelry and watches with true artistic value. In the summer of 2008, Yurman decided to enter the perfume industry with the launch of David Yurman Fragrance for Women, inspired by his wife Sybil. It took 18 months to find the perfect combination, and in the end, the company got a perfume that according to Yurman, best describes his wife. It's a perfume with a soft, floral and musky feel. The design of the bottle resembles a gemstone with a gold cap that contains obvious marks of Yurman's famous jewelry piece, the cable bracelet. The neck of the bottle is in the shape of his wife's engagement ring, which makes it a true tribute to their love. With the help of Harry Fremont, six more fragrances have since been launched making David Yurman Inc. a new fragrance house.
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