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In 1810, E. Coudray and M. Maugenet established a perfume shop in Paris. Edmond Coudray, a doctor-chemist travelled the world over to bring back raw materials necessary for making exotic fragrances. Until 1908, Coudray Perfumes remained as a family business and was later taken over by Edouard Colmant. Earlier fragrances from the brand includes Reve de Paris, Nohiba, Onyx Noir, Charme de France. Some of the latest fragrances are Kamelia Iris, Givrine, Vanille, Vanille Coco, Reve de Reine and Aqua Divina. E. Coudray fragrances are created in association with perfumers Cecile Zarokian, Evelyne Boulanger and Gerard Anthony.
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