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A resonant and flowery scent for women that radiates casual sophistication for any time of day, Eternity Summer perfume by Calvin Klein is a mature yet subtle choice that will turn heads wherever you travel. Introduced by iconic style and fashion leader Calvin Klein in 2008, Eternity Summer is composed of a perfect balance of musk, tangerine pulp, wood, frangipani and pineapple. It's an attention-drawing fragrance that works just as well for a relaxed evening out with friends as for coffee with a romantic partner.
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Enjoy the fresh scent of sunny days all year long, even on the coldest days of winter, with the help of Eternity Summer cologne by Calvin Klein. Introduced in 2006, this casual fragrance for men combines an exclusive blend of pineapple, wood, musk, tangerine pulp, and frangipani for a scent that will take you on a mental vacation filled with pool parties, beaches, and barbecues. This citrusy cologne is sure to earn a spot with your favorite scents.
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