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In 2009, Benetton introduced Benetton Rosso for women, a unique, fresh fragrance with a blend of vanilla, sweet, balmy, fruity, and tropical notes. This romantic perfume will delight your senses and is sure to draw the attention of those around you. The casual scent is perfect for everyday use and has staying power. You can be sure that if you spray it on in the morning before heading out the door, the fragrance will last throughout the day.
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I adore the scent of this perfume! I can't believe for such an unattractive bottle the sent is so good! I came across this perfume by accident, forgot to bring my perfume whilst on holiday and this was on sale and there was no tester, but thought it would do, better than feeling 'naked'. And wow was I surprised, when I opened it. It is now my new signature perfume. If you like deep sexy notes, then you will like this. I usually where, perfumes such as- Angel, Hypnotic Poison, Wish, Versace Noir, adore the Givenchy Angel range and this perfume comes in par to such notes and quality at a fraction of the cost. My advice to Benetton would be to change the packaging, as it really does not reflect its deep mesmerising scent.

Written by Anonymous on January 13, 2012

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1 - 1 (of 1 Reviews)