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AMC Beauty Perfume

AMC Beauty Group is a division of Cosmetics Essence Inc., a New Jersey perfume and cosmetics laboratory and factory. Cosmetics Essence was founded in 1988, and its first customer was Estee Lauder.

The AMC Beauty Group produced a fragrance called Enchantment in conjunction with the plotlines on long-running ABC soap opera "All My Children." One of the lead characters on the show, Erica Kane, ran a fictional beauty company named Enchantment. Kane was played by Emmy-winning actress Susan Lucci for more than four decades. Her perfume was launched in 2004 and marketed at Walmart stores. It was followed by a second fragrance, Fusion, launched by Kane's fictional daughter, Kendall, in 2005. The Kendall character, played by Alicia Minshew, released a third fragrance from the fictional company Charm in 2008, which was marketed at Sears. Each of the products was featured in the show story lines and was an attempt to market the show as a lifestyle brand.

In 2006, AMC Beauty entered into a partnership with Warner Brothers Inc. to produce and market fragrances tied to the television show "The O.C." The perfumes The O.C. for Her and The O.C. for Him debuted in 2006.

AMC Beauty also manufactured a line of cosmetics, skin creams, lip balms and lotions under the Royal Bees Natural Brand. In 2007, Burt's Bees issued a case-and-desist order, citing trademark infringement against AMC Beauty. The case was settled.

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