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Whether you're looking for a refreshing cologne that will give you a burst of energy on a busy day or a sexy scent that will draw the girls closer, Moves by Adidas is the answer. Since 1999, men and women alike love the earthy, aquatic fragrance that's a result of jasmine and spicy notes of black pepper and clove. Winner of a FiFi Award in 2000, this clean, fresh cologne remains a favorite everyday scent that every man should have in his collection.
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After its introduction in the year 2000, Adidas Moves quickly secured a reputation as a clean, fresh fragrance tailored to modern women. Spritz a fine mist on the inner wrists and neck area to enjoy this enduring scent that's equally suited for a day at the office or an afternoon luncheon with friends. You'll take notice as the essences of rose and geranium effortlessly mingle with cedarwood and cyclamaen, and discover that it's easy to attract favorable attention wherever you go.
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