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Let the intriguing combination of gin and gardenia take hold of your senses as you enjoy Rapelle-Toi. Released in 2014 by L'Artisan Parfumeur, this women's fragrance is a white floral gourmand that incorporates spicy Sichuan peppercorn, smoky incense and sweet honey to create a unique and inviting aroma. Reach for Rapelle-Toi before an all-day shopping trip or to uplift you throughout your day. This long-lasting fragrance delivers moderate silliage and is a great choice for everyday wear.

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Customer Reviews

L'Artisan Parfumeur Rappelle-Toi is my holy-grail perfume. I have two large bottles and thinking about getting a third so I never run out. The official notes are gardenia, Sichuan pepper, musks, sandalwood, and honey, which sounds vaguely foodie, however the florals are center so you will not think you're in a kitchen. The mood of the perfume is supposedly contemplative and quiet. Well, not on me! This perfume is spirited, happy, fun, my "going out" perfume -- flirty but not musky or skanky (there's a time and place for big skanky perfumes, no shade, this just isn't that). It's weird enough to hold my attention (I have like 400+ perfumes), but pretty enough that I don't feel like I'm shutting out the people around me (unlike, say, Dzing, with it's wonderful but um challenging animalistic notes). For whatever reason, almost every perfume designed by Bertrand Duchaufour seems to work with my body chemistry, but not in the way he (claims) he intended.

Written by Io Light on February 08, 2018

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