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mitch barber's classic moderate hold/high shine pomade

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Customer Reviews

Paul Mitchell "Mitch" moderate hold, high shine "Barber's Classic"pomade. Looked forward to using this product. I was disappointed in that it has minimal hold - the lightest of light grip. The shine however, if one has thick hair and a tousled style, is nearly blinding. IOW. it's shine is near to perfectly bright. Unfortunately, the pomade becomes heavy on fine hair throughout the day, and with negligible holding property, one's style has a tendency to fall flat and feel oily, making it useless for high volume but excellent for flat styles needing little control, i.e., slickbacks with straight hair, or even combovers without sizable pompadours in front. If hold is unimportant, this may be your product, and it will shine all day and into the night. For fine or thinning hair, volume will fall flat and beyond that feel somewhat greasy if even the slightest heat or sun causes a collapse. Your choice!

Written by Lee on May 22, 2016

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