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Splash on a dash of Eau de Fleurs de Cedrat, a fragrance designed by Jacques Guerlain himself in 1920, and step into a timeless aroma. This scent combines cedar, bergamot and lemon to create a bracing and sophisticated aura. While the perfume is definitely a classic, it remains fresh and youthful to this day. It's the perfect choice when you are looking for a tangy fragrance to lift your spirits and keep you smiling through the day.

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Customer Reviews

Eau De Fleurs De Cedrat, eau de toilette, by Guerlain is not something I would usually buy. I am hesitant when I read reviews that day it smells like lemon cleanser, or Pine Sol. Well, I must disagree. True, the first note is lemon, but it's lemon flower, sweet and bright, like a sunny morning. While the lemon lingers, the bergamot makes its presence known in a gentle, lingering manner. The woodiness of the cedar is so light, it does not invade, but lasts the longest. Although I prefer Jicky, this will be my 'go go's when I need an extra boost of moral or life.

Written by Suz on May 02, 2019

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I currently own over 100 beautiful carefully selected perfumes, many of which made by Guerlain, and I do believe this is my favorite by a long shot. It is the most beautiful delicate yet potent smell I have ever had the pleasure of using. IT IS AMAZING. I was sceptical bc of the poor longevity claims and those claims are true but this is STILL worth it. In fact I would pay double this price for this stellar fragrance. It is meant I think to be used as a cologne like after shower or before bed, etc. A great way to start the day but you're going to have to layer it before leaving for the day. It does dissipate quickly. Still worth it. I love it so much that even though I have a full bottle I am considering buying a backup just in case. It is on clearance, so must mean it won't be here long.

Written by WV mountains on July 07, 2018

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Cedrat is an absolutely wonderful fragrance for the summer. Fresh, clean and invigorating. There are many similar fragrances, but the key is 'similar'. Cedrat, while somewhat similare is so far above the other scents. I spray it on and I just feel good. That is worth a lot all on it's own. I keep a bottle in my bedroom and one in the bathroom. And I never seem to be able to leave either room without spraying some on me.

Written by Snowball on July 02, 2015

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