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NBA Celtis cologne by Air-Val Internationals smells WONDERFUL!!! For a few bucks, this cologne is well worth the deal. It smells like pricier, more exclusive fragrances, but this is a real steal! Yes, it smells very green yet very fresh and invigorating. I love it and I wear it whenever I'm wearing green, and I especially wear it on Saint Patrick's Day. I love the clover design on the bottle. I haven't smelled the other variations (Miami Heat, etc.), but I love this one enough that I really don't care about the others. This one rawks!!! I can't wait until FragrancNet gets more back in stock because I want to stock up (get at least eight more bottles) because I wear NBA Celtics on a daily basis it seems. What a GREAT fragrance to reach for knowing that you will be smelling great for the rest of the day. The performance is great, the sillage is great, and the longevity is great. Please, FragranceNet, order some more!!! A+!!!

Written by Frag Aficionado on August 13, 2021

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