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edt spray 3.3 oz & aftershave balm 3.3 oz & shower gel 3.3 oz
The refined fragrance of Fujiyama Gentleman features a warm oriental blend of sweeping cinnamon, gentle musk, and vanilla accords. Launched by the Succès de Paris design house during the 1990 collection, this cologne contains muted notes of violet, lavender, and cinnamon anchored in a base note of musk. Recommended for casual wear, it is a great choice for meetings or casual dates, leaving a faint floral trail that endures in your wake.

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I bought this fragrance for my nephew, and he liked it very much. So did I, and all the other family members that were there on Christmas day.

Written by Anonymous on December 29, 2021

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I ordered this after reading that it was in the same family as Le Male by Gaultier. HMMMM, I now worry about that reviewer's sense of smell. The initial scent of this is exactly like generic rubbing alcohol. The middle notes smell like a cross between suntan lotion you applied 18 hours prior, and a slight micro-dusting of baby powder. I sprayed it on my arms about 20 minutes ago and, if you'll notice, I have not mentioned the bottom notes of this fragrance because it...is...gone. Kaput. No more. Barely a scent residue left. Not even on my shirt. Zilch. In fact, I can smell the Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille I applied this morning more so than the Fujiyama Gentleman sprayed 21 minutes ago. Save your money, add it to other funds, and buy a bottle of literally anything else. #SorryNotSorry

Written by dfwbill71 on November 12, 2019

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