Beyonce Heat Wild Orchid Perfume

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Beyonce brings the empowerment of a worldwide icon, known for her sophisticated sense of style, intensity and strength, into her exquisite 2015 fragrance line. The Beyonce Heat Wild Orchid collection features notes of fruity notes of pomegranate, coconut water and boysenberry to the light notes of this fragrance. Floral notes of blooming magnolia and honeysuckle bring together a bold yet elegant combination. Wear this power fragrance whenever you want to command a room while maintaining an air of mystery and glamour.
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Beyonce Heat Wild Orchid

Beyonce Heat Wild Orchid

Beyonce Heat Wild Orchid

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Beyoncé Heat Wild Orchid, another good one. Just don't remember ordering the tester

Written by KD on October 19, 2016

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