What Inspires FragranceNet.com employees...

Posted by Anonymous on Thu, 03/22/2012 - 7:06 PM

Last week, I was surfin' the web and came across an article about how Bobbi Brown got her best idea riding on the back of a camel in the middle of the dessert. This seemed to humor me and at the same time gave me the idea to ask my fellow co-workers, "Where do you get your best ideas?" So I went ahead and sent out a mass email to the entire company in hopes of a response that can top Bobbi Brown's.

So...where do FragranceNet.com employees get their best ideas?

 Patti, Senior Business Development “I get my best ideas while working out! It’s the only time of the day when I am alone and can find time for reflection.”

Brenda, Buyer “During my morning runs. It’s quiet and peaceful and I can let my mind wander.”

Barbara C., Buyer “I do my best thinking, like many, in the morning shower. “

Nick , Web Developer “I get my best ideas when I smoke cigarettes. Each one is a break from reality and allows me to view aspects of my life from a standpoint that is not affected by the common factors that skew perception.”

Barbara P, Chief Technology Officer “Driving in my car to and from work—it’s the 200 minutes or so a week that I am guaranteed to be alone, and can crawl my internal thoughts uninterrupted (except by the occasional bad driver of course.)”

Carole , Creative Director "Ideas come to me when I am not thinking about the problem. Every night I doodle in a sketchbook. My mind wanders and the unexpressed subconscious comes out in ideas on the page."

Assunta, Social Media Coordinator "I guess I get my best ideas while surfing the web, as a result, this very blog post you are reading right here!"