Welcome to the Eau Talk fragrance blog!

Posted by Anonymous on Wed, 07/27/2011 - 2:45 PM
Welcome to the official blog of FragranceNet.com!We know there are tons of other fragrance blogs out there that are getting it right already. We’re not going to try to copycat them. You read those blogs for certain information; information we may not provide as handily… say for instance fragrance launches or reviews of the newest scents.Of course we’ll have that information from time to time, but why do something that’s already being done … and well? We’ll see what happens with this little blog that could. Hopefully, if anything, it’ll just be fun to read and give you a peek into our world at FragranceNet.com.My name is Wendy. Comment all you want. Email me, too. Tell me when I’ve missed something, when I’m wrong about something or even just to say you liked a blog entry. We hope you enjoy.