Voyageur Eau De Toilette by Jean Patou Fragrance Review

Posted by Eautalk on Tue, 11/01/2016 - 1:10 AM

The 1990's represented a big shift in perfumery where the cloying 'big and brassy' scents of the 80's were retired in favor of androgynous perfumes and aquatics. Two big market leaders of the 90s were Calvin Klein's CK One and Davidoff's Cool Water... they pioneered a new direction that many others followed. Even French couturier and perfume house Jean Patou couldn't resist but bow to trend and public demand and launch their own masculine of the same ilk: namely, Voyageur.

Voyageur is a woody aromatic scent created by Jean Kerleo in 1995 which follows the same trajectory as CK Eternity for Men and Davidoff's Cool Water. It feels aquatic and aromatic in equal measure, with its citrus flight, lavender and sage heart, and woody, mossy base. Whilst Voyageur was Patou's answer to meeting public expectation, two things separated it from the rest – the first was a certain je ne sais quoi that can only be found in French perfumery (Parfums Patou, of course have a 90- year history to draw upon); and the second – an exquisite metallic ship-shaped flacon whose inspiration was drawn from their exceptional “Normandie” perfume bottle launched in 1935 (google it)! Harnessing good looks and good smells, Voyageur was snatched up by the masses, but when the aquatic trend ended in the early 000's, it was permanently retired from Patou's range.

Fortunately for us, Fragrancenet carries the metal ship refill bottles so this perfume is not lost to the world just yet! A wonderful olfactory snapshot of it's time, Patou's Voyageur takes its place amongst the many perfumes created by this highly-revered House.