The Art of Beauty – 5 Masterpiece Fragrances

Posted by Anonymous on Thu, 08/14/2014 - 12:00 AM

Artwork is often described as beautiful, and masterful beauty products are considered art themselves! This got us thinking about what happens when these two worlds collide. As you can guess, something exciting and aromatically appealing is obviously one major outcome. It’s funny too how the artists and artwork share similar qualities to the fragrances they inspire. Here are few of our favorites on display, and thankfully, there’s no charge for admission so feel free to look and like at your leisure.


Modigliani was a master of nudes and portraits where elongated figures and faces were all up front and center as the fascinating focus. Modigliani Perfume by Modigliani is a fragrance that is also full of alluring aromas that make it unique and unforgettable, including charming notes of vanilla, honey, musk, bergamot and patchouli.

You have to wonder whether Leonardo da Vinci had any idea that his painting, the iconic Mona Lisa, would become one of the most recognizable artworks in the world. It’s no surprise that the scent celebrating this masterpiece is just as memorable. Mona Lisa Perfume by Eclectic Collections  features enticing aromas of mandarin, apple, passion fruit and watermelon combined with hints of patchouli and tuberose.

Being the daughter of one of the world’s most celebrated artists can’t be easy – especially when you become the subject of some of his masterpieces. But Paloma Picasso has made her own mark as an artistic influence in the creative world through fashion, jewelry and fragrance. Paloma Picasso Perfume , her signature namesake scent, showcases a diverse range of captivating florals, greens, woods and citrus aromas.

Eccentric and innovative are two character traits of the always sensational Surrealist painter Salvador Dali. Scent-sational as well is Dali Perfume by Salvador Dali, which grabs your attention aromatically as a classic blend with soft oriental notes. A dash of drama, plus an exotic all-encompassing energy, make this fragrance one that’s hard to forget.

Pop goes the perfume with notes of rose, jasmine, black currant and sandalwood! Altogether they create the fruity, floral and flirty fragrance that is Andy Warhol Marilyn Red. One of the most adored American actresses presented by one of America’s most admired artists no doubt equals a visual and aromatic American treasure.