3 Sexy Spots to Spritz Perfume

Posted by Anonymous on Mon, 04/01/2013 - 6:54 PM

Everyone from Audrey Hepburn to our grandmothers taught us exactly where to apply perfume: on the base of the neck and wrists. But times have changed. With women enduring long work hours, sweaty runs to the train station and smelly take-out restaurants, we need our perfume to smell good everywhere and all day long.

So where should we be applying our magic fragrance to feel fresh and feminine for hours on end? Coco Chanel recommended applying perfume everywhere you’d like to be kissed, and while that has a sexy ring to it, there are certain places you might want to be kissed that, erm, should not be spritzed. With that in mind, here are some sexy hot spots we recommend:

Back of the Ears
Picture this:
You’re meeting that special someone for your first date, they go in for the semi-platonic hug, and the first whiff they get is of your new Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb. You’ve just become irresistible without saying a word! Spritz a little perfume behind your ears, so people smell it when they hug you and are reminded of you when they get a whiff of that pleasant scent anywhere else.

Back of the Knees
The reason people spray on their wrists is because they’re “pulse points,” or parts of the body where blood vessels are closest to the skin. These spots radiate heat, and will therefore radiate the scent you spray there. A spritz on the back of your knees will also help your scent rise as the day goes on—think gorgeous smelling summer dress at the end of a long, hot day!

In an interview with Cosmopolitan mag a few years ago, Usher said the sexiest place to spray perfume is “Under the chin because that way when you get in really close to kiss her, you can smell it.” We don’t know about you, but if Usher thinks it’s sexy, we’ll definitely be trying it!

What are some of the sexiest places you spray your perfume? Tell us in the comments below!

Long Lasting Products We Love

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Long Lasting Products

 Why buy product that doesn't last? That's why we are lovin' these long lasting products that won't wear out after a long, hectic day! Not only do we love these products because they are super long lasting but...they're simply AMAZING products too!
Take for instance Laura Mercier's mineral powder with spf 15. It's a superfine & perfectly sheer powder that is the ideal setting mineral powder for liquid or powder foundations. It extends the wear of makeup and even protects your skin! Use this miracle product as a final step for a flawless complexion.

Love coming home and still having that lovely fragrant, signature scent from the spritz or two of perfume from this morning? Then you will absolutely love Flowerbomb Extreme by Viktor & Rolf. This long lasting floral scent has a combination of bergamot, jasmine, osmanthus, white flowers, amber and vanilla and will be sure to be a huge hit, from day to night.

Long lasting and convenience, packaged all in one, Christian Dior's 5 color eyeshadow offers 5 superfine, soft powdered eye shadows that glide on easily and for a beautiful smokey eye look, try the night dust palette. 

Joey New York lipsticks glide on smooth and stay put. Try colors like cinnemen lipstick - he's into you - sweet n spicy to red hot, sugar lips, and red rocks. 

Want mascara that gives your eyes a striking look that will lask? Maximize those lashes and increase them to their ultimate length and curl with this Helena Rubinstein lash queen feather mascara, featuring a curled brush with anti-clogging bristles. One word...love.

Lastly, Dior Vernis nail polishes are truly a heaven scent product! This nail polish glides on smoothly and with the slanted brush, precisely! We have a whole range of colors, from Blue Denim, Smoky black, to Massai Red and Purple Mix. We know you'll love these polishes...get your nail craze on and keep it longer lasting with this one!